SBM47 Arm Brace Fits all AK Pistol Variants

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* SBM-47 Stabilizing Brace by SB Tactical

* The skeleton design is thinner and lighter than the original SBM47 brace with a nicer look and feel.

* Installs easily, just loosen the pistol grip screw, slide under grip and tighten grip screw

* For all PAP, C39, Draco, and AK Pistol Variants.

* The SBM47 Brace secures the Krinkov AK style pistols to the shooters forearm and assists them in firing.

* This is not a stock so you do not need a NFA Tax Stamp

* Box includes Stabilizer Brace, instruction manual, ATF Compliance letter, stabilizing velcro strap.

* Made in USA.

* Pistol Not Included.

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