SBR Single Point Sling Adapter

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■ CNC Machined High Quality “D” Slotted 1/8″ Thick
■ 1018 Cold Rolled Steel with a Flat Black Molly Resin Finish
■ Ties the SB47/SOB47 to the Adapter
■ Will not pull out from under your Pistol Grip.
■ No modifications necessary.
■ Remove 2 OEM Machine Screws with supplied Allen Wrench from Stabilizer Brace and Install RFT Adapter with 2 Longer Supplied Machine Screws.
■ A longer Grip Bolt is also included if using original Grip
■ Can not be used if you intend to stick your arm in the Stabilizer Brace.

Will fit all AK-47 Pistols using the SB47 Arm Stabilizing Brace.

Proudly Made in the USA !

Check our Video Page for Installation Video!

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