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PAP M92-M85 Scope Mount

$74.95 $64.95

PAP M92/85 Scope Mount Kit

Easy Installation- 20 Minutes
See our Video Page for Video Installation Instructions
Kit comes with Drill Template, Drill Bit, Thread Tap,
Allen Wrench, 2 Machine Screws and Picatinny Rail Mount
If you do not feel confident please have a Gunsmith install this mount…
This is a tried and true mount….
Made in the USA….

In Stock: 5 available

PAP M92-M85 Scope Mount

Installation Instructions


  1. Amazing mount! Fits perfectly! The step by step process with the videos online leaves no room for error while installing this great addition to the pistol.

    Literally a 10 minute install and adds so much to the weapon. Again, AWESOME!

  2. What a great little product. And so easy to install even I did it in 20 minutes as advertised. Thanks for providing some of the things that are so hard to get anywhere else and at a great price. I will be doing more shopping with you guys.

    I accidently ran across the video while looking at a you tube video. Glad I did.

  3. VERY good kit! Incredibly easy to use. Since I have a drill press it took me less that 20 minutes. The drill guide is an highly useful tool to use in this process and kept me from messing things up. Rail went on nice and straight!

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